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Cranberries have fascinated Yolande ( Nutra ) and Jean-François ( Fruit ) for 20 years. Cranberry Nutra-Fruit was born from this union between a chef and a scientist. 

Proud to promote this small Quebec fruit & proud partners of favorite companies! 

Our passion for cranberries goes back twenty years. During our studies, we had the chance to participate in a research project on cranberries. The full potential of this local Quebec fruit was quickly revealed to us. The many ongoing studies on its health benefits fascinated us. Its culture and its harvest dazzled us. The cranberry industry in Quebec was inspiring, it was a leader in the world. We were changed. We were inhabited by a passion. We then each pursued our professional paths in parallel, our heads full of projects, to finally, after mature reflection, found our cranberry processing company in the heart of Quebec City.


NUTRA-FRUIT was born on July 20, 2006, the same day as our daughter. Five years have passed. Two children came to enrich our life, to make us grow. Today, it is our first passion for cooking that we present to you, in all humility. We are not professional chefs, but few people know as much about the gastronomic potential of cranberries as we do. Few entrepreneurs are so passionate about it and transform it with such creativity.

NUTRA-FRUIT  proposes to revisit the CRANBERRY OF QUEBEC with a certain originality. We offer you unusual uses, which are often similar to the use that we would make of lemon in cooking. The RECIPES that we offer you generally contain few ingredients, which allows you to savor and appreciate all the BENEFITS  and the frank TASTE of CRANBERRY. We have been careful to avoid commonplaces. Recipes for scones, muffins, cake and cranberry cookies are literally flooding the dining scene.